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Welcome to Jian Hu's Page

I'd like to brand myself as a well-trained IT professional, with a strong academic background in computer science and industrial experience on information system development. I'm currently working Barclays Capital.

I started my IT career in Univ. of Electr. Sci. & Tech. of China in 1985 as an assistant lecturer and lecterer. After 4 years of teaching computer science courses and R&D on microprocess development systems, I came to Heriot-Watt University in the UK in 1989 to pursue my PhD degree, doing research on heterogeneous medical database interoperability.

More practical experience was obtained after I finished my PhD study in 1993. In the Roslin Institute (famours for the creation of Dolly the cloned sheep), I was working as a main designer/developer in building a cluster of animal genome mapping information systems, where we used the Web technology from its very early stage. In NTL (UK's biggest cable company, now Virgin Media), I participated in Web hosting products design and development. Then I worked as a technical consultant in global IT service companies CSC and Logica, where I was involved in a variety of projects in different industries and areas. Moving away from the IT consultancy, I entered a more specialised financial service sector. I worked as a software designer in VocaLink, the UK's main banking clearing house, before I moved to Lehman Brothers. Following Lehman's collapse (in Sept 2008) and acquisition by NomuraI was transferred to Nomura.

R&D Highlights:(please see the publications if interested)

  • Communication of databases using tagged text (1989-1993)
  • Medical databases interoperability (1989-19993)
  • WebinTool: a framework for constructing Web interface to databases (1996)
  • The ARKdb: genome databases for farmed and other animals (1994-1999)
  • CORBA as infrastructure for database interoperability (1998)

Technical Profile:

  • I have broad knowledge and hands-on experience in object-oriented methods and tools, Internet technologies, distributed computing and database systems.
  • I'm a Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 platform since Decemer 2001, and an enthusiast of the Java technology, with in depth understanding and working experience on the J2EE platform and application frameworks.
  • I'm an advocate of agile (iterative) development methodologies and processes.
  • I'm a proponent of open source software movement and once a practitioner ( WebinTool, a Web to relational database/Ingres interface building tool).

Industries and areas:

  • Financial services:
    • Investment banking: equity risk management, prime services(equity financing, security lending, managed accounts), equity research
    • Others: banking clearing, life insurance
  • Healthcare (medical informatics): medical databases, application framework for healthcare, portal/CMS for healthcare;
  • Bioinformatics: animal genome mapping system;
  • Internet service: web hosting;
  • Education: Higher education admissions system;
  • Retail: System integration for a department store;

Currently I'm also maintaining a web site SoftwarePractitioner.org. I can be contacted by email: jian4_hu2 at hotmail dot com.

If you are interested, you may also find my 'non-professional' Chinese blog at http://blog.sina.com.cn/nonsensechat.

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